Claims that traffic on the Pinnacle Road would be reduced are unrealistic. The lure of restaurants and other facilities would dramatically increase overall visits to the summit, but many tourists would drive rather than pay $200 or more per family for an 8 minute cable car ride. Locals would be unlikely to pay for repeat visits and would drive instead. More visitors and longer stays would necessitate an enlarged Pinnacle car park; more cars on the Pinnacle Road would increase CO2 emissions. The notion that the cableway might reduce CO2 emissions is fanciful, especially when the carbon embodied in the concrete and steel of the buildings, towers and cableways is accounted for.

Increased traffic in South Hobart would make congestion on Cascade Road and Davey Street much worse. MWCC has proposed a complex new junction at the intersection of Cascade Road and McRobies Road but has not offered to pay for it.