We believe that the proposed cable car route – directly over the Organ Pipes would permanently damage the visual amenity of the mountain. This would adversely affect the experiences of hundreds of thousands of recreational visitors and local residents.

The metal, glass and concrete of a cable car, its terminus and its pylons will intrude upon the magnificent views of Mt Wellington that are enjoyed by tens of thousands of people from many different aspects.

The Wellington Park Management Plan states that:

“Mount Wellington has been identified as being ‘of outstanding value to Tasmania because of its ability to demonstrate that it is an iconic manifestation of an Associative Cultural Landscape in Australia. ‘Across more than a 200 year of white settlement time frame and space it may be the most outstanding Associative Cultural Landscape of its type in this country’ (Sheridan, 2010). This statement applies to a wide range of historic cultural landscape values, applicable to the eastern area of the Park, and Mount Wellington in particular. The importance of the Park to the community is also demonstrated by the large numbers of art, literature and photography sources, the strong interest expressed in the area by community groups, the Mountain Festival, and the high number of visitors. The Park is also identified by the community as being highly valued for a mix of religious, spiritual, cultural and educational purposes.”

Any proposed development that threatens these values should be subject to the highest public scrutiny. Instead we have seen the Government circumvent the normal planning process to favour a private developer.