It would be obtrusive, with massive steel pylons, bushland clearing, reflective cables and airborne carriages as big as a Metro bus operating up to 16 hours each day over the foothills and crossing directly over the Organ Pipes.

A large multistory commercial building with multiple restaurants is planned for the summit, clearly visible from Hobart, and there would be a similarly sized building on the lower slopes. Walkers and cyclists would be subjected to a permanent mechanical intrusion that would diminish the wildness of the mountain forever. A famous, world class climbing venue would be destroyed.

It would change the character of South Hobart with dramatically increased traffic congestion, noise, lights and visual pollution. Property values and privacy would be at risk.

It is the result of a corrupt process where local community representations have been repeatedly ignored and there has been no proper public consultation. The Liberal government has introduced controversial new legislation allowing the developer to circumvent normal planning processes.

It would require compulsory acquisition of publicly owned parkland. This should worry every property owner in Tasmania as it sets a dangerous precedent, giving the green light for further land grabs by government for the benefit of private developers.

It is a divisive proposal. We need development that brings the community together rather than this divisive cable car proposal. Tasmania’s tourism future is not in unimaginative imitations of experiences that are available in degraded environments elsewhere. The proposal would damage Tasmania’s Brand and preclude more appropriate developments and activities on the mountain.

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