It’s time we had our say!

For the past few years Mt Wellington Cableway Company has been saying it will submit a development application for a cable car up kunanyi/Mt Wellington. The company has also promised two separate public meetings and cancelled both of them.

The Wellington Park Trust has discussed the project on many occasions, all behind closed doors. The people of Hobart deserve to have our say!

Take action!

Please sign our petition urging Hobart City Council to hold a public meeting on the issue.

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This October vote for the mountain


Current Hobart City Council (HCC) policy is to prohibit the cable car development on HCC land. In an attempt to reverse this policy the Mount Wellington Cableway Company (MWCC) is advertising extensively to sway the HCC elections in October in favour of pro-cable car aldermen. There are many reasons why we should vote for aldermen who will respect our natural and built heritage – to protect the mountain from a cable car development is just one of these.

The MWCC proposal is anything but environmentally friendly. It would despoil an ancient landscape and Aboriginal heritage with destructive new roads, massive towers, wires, aerial buses and an imposing building at the Pinnacle. Restaurants and other facilities would lead to a dramatic increase in visitors to the summit, with many opting to drive. The Pinnacle would be effectively privatized, with the future of kunanyi/Mt Wellington tied to the commercial interests of a single developer.

The delightful natural setting of mountain and river is a large part of why many of us choose to live in Hobart. The mountain is a part of who we are. There is no other Australian city, and few in the world, privileged with such a wild and beautiful landscape close by. The forested mountain slopes and the soaring dolerite columns of the Organ Pipes are the ever-present backdrop to our lives


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